Microsoft PPM Health Check-up

Diametriks offers Microsoft PPM (MS EPM)
Health Check-up service

that is necessary to ensure correct implementation of PPM functionality, security and to identify vulnerabilities in the systems and networks which may compromise confidentiality, integrity or availability of information held on the PPM system or network.

In addition, it provides a methodology by which PPM can be assessed in relation to business need. Based on the results of the health check a detailed action plan can be developed to address perceived and real ailments that are affecting overall organization functions.

Diametriks provides following services in PPM health check-up portfolio:

  • Performance check-up.
  • User-initiated operations involving Project Web Access.
  • User-initiated operations involving Project Professional.
  • Background operations.
  • Project Server Security Check
  • Verifying business process flow with project life cycle using authenticated user category.
  • Verifying Enterprise Project Views
  • Verifying Enterprise Custom fields
  • Report submission of the various carried out tests and checks
  • View Backup and restoring the views that are created in Microsoft Project Web Access.
  • Viewing and checking any duplicated projects.
  • Viewing and checking the Document Library System.
  • Categorical user accessibility rights to report server.
  • Checking customized reports
  • Verify custom reports functionality details as per stakeholder’s requirement and project life cycle.
  • Re-Indexing Microsoft SQL Server Database of Projects Draft, Published, Reports and Archive.



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