SLA Tracker

SLA TrackerSLA Tracker

SLA Tracker helps SLA monitoring by projecting the performance of your mission critical business drivers and ensure you achieve higher business value through better management of business resources. It lets you monitor and track service level commitments against specific metrics. Reporting and demonstrating projects performance with the SLA tracking function lets you set yourself apart from the competition.

SLA Tracker is built on SharePoint server and can be deployed directly over an existing SharePoint farm. However, with minor customizations it can be easily made compatible with other technologies as well.

You can configure tracking units by percentage volumes, duration intervals (in seconds, minutes and hours), costs and define targets for each metric. You can get quick access to SLA compliance statistics by customer from the incident screen and run SLA compliance reports by customer, department and agent.

Key Benefits
  • Centralized SLA information, access and availability
  • Dynamic, faster access to SLA information
  • Differentiate service offerings, gain service efficiencies through proactive SLA tracking
  • Generating gap analysis reports – Graphical representation of performance tracking over time, RAG status for targets vs. actuals.
  • Notification of missed targets