PPM SAP Integration

sapppmslider_63 PPM SAP Integration

Organizations need reliable and up-to–date data to make better and firm decisions, which helps utilization of available resources for achieving business goals of the organizations. To enable sagacious decision making data is gathered from different sources like ERP, Project Management solutions, HR systems etc. All these systems are isolated, practically there is no single unified source of consolidated data is available.

We help in accomplishing this by integrating both, the SAP system and the Microsoft Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) solution, improving ease and visibility into business movements.

This integration is cost-effective and it enables data synchronization, auto creation of certain entities like projects, WBS, work order, etc. Moreover, distribution of licenses for SAP and PPM are based on the user roles, which can be planned effectively and this reduces implementation cost significantly.

Integration enables standard SAP reports such as damage analysis, object statistics, breakdown analysis and cost analysis to be easily replicated and made available in PPM or embedded in PPM dashboard for better managed information system.