Diametriks Skill Matrix for Resource Assignment (D-SMRA)

skillcon_63 Diametriks Skill Matrix for Resource Assignment (D-SMRA)

Diametriks Skill Matrix for Resource Assignment (D-SMRA) enables the organization to identify and assign qualified resources to individual tasks. It allows users to specify skills required for doing a task, retrieve filtered resources that qualify and assign them to task in a most effective and user-friendly way.

Organizations rely on MS PPM/EPM for Project and Resource Management requirements, and use the Build team and Resource assignment features of PPM for assigning resources to tasks. In certain scenarios where large teams work on single project, post building team for the project, it becomes pain taking action to assign individuals to tasks, as the Project/Resource manager executing the assignment may not know resources in the team on basis of their names, however performs assignment activity on basis of qualification

D-SMRA consists of a custom developed .Net based interface, which can be used by clients to specify skills required for task completion and assign qualified resources. This interface is configurable and enables capturing of skills/pre-requisites to be maintained against tasks, based on organization’s requirements.

D-SMRA is used by various organizations to assign resources to tasks, using criteria or skill based filtered resource list. This facilitates easy identification of qualified resources for specific task along with reviewing the availability and performing the assignment.
D-SMRA primarily focuses on following areas to enable full proof resource filtering and assignments:

  • Tasks – To retrieve and display the tasks for which assignments can be done.
  • Filters – To capture information which will be used as filtering criteria to generate the list of qualified resources. The list of filters is configurable.
  • Resources – List of qualified resources, which fulfill the selection criteria and can be assigned to tasks.
  • Availability – To check for availability of qualified resources over a given time range.