PPM Deployment

Diametriks offers Microsoft PPM (MS EPM) deployment

This enables organizations to gain business visibility and insight and as a result control of all changes, which enhances decision-making, improves alignment with business strategy, maximizes resource utilization and makes it possible to measure and increase operational efficiency.

We are well equipped with the required skill sets to deliver the quality services. Our core competence is built upon Microsoft Project Server & Portfolio Server, SharePoint, SQL Server and PPMS custom developed software solutions.

Our people are expert on both functional and technical aspects of the solution.

Their rich & wide exposure of consulting & implementation, customization & support services of Microsoft PPM solution has benefited many Diametriks clients across various industries.

Our PPM deployment services include:


We take an assessment of your major requirements and perform a basic Microsoft Project Server installation and configuration so that you can evaluate the system and plan for a possible prototype. POC helps you to see the core functionality of the system and discover particular customization needs. It helps you to make sure that the product meets your business requirement needs.

Pilot Deployment

The PPM pilot is designed to run a select portfolio of projects to understand the quality and quantity of information gathered from the system and to evaluate the effectiveness of PPM application. The customization includes custom templates, security settings, Microsoft SharePoint Services settings, and Microsoft Project Professional settings as per company requirements.

Enterprise Rollout

PPM rollout is the next step after the successful implementation of PPM pilot. It involves training, server modifications, standardization of procedures, cross complexities of resources and management and a strict code of enterprise functioning within the project management domain. Diametriks team fully supports you through the rollout process, with particular focus on skills transfer to enable you to successfully realize the benefits of the system post-rollout.

Small, Medium and Large Farm Deployment

Farm Deployment

Diametriks identifies the deployment roadmap that most closely matches the architecture that you require for your organization, and then follow associated procedures to complete your installation.

Small farm deployment

A small farm deployment can support a small- to medium-sized organization and can be used by a large organization to test Microsoft Project Server. Based on your organizational requirement, a small farm can be deployed in one-tier or two-tier configuration.

  • One tier: The front-end web server, application server, and the database server all reside on the same computer.
  • Two tier: The front-end web server and application server reside together on the same computer, and the database server resides on another computer.

Medium farm deployment

Medium farm deployment is required for a slightly larger organization. A basic medium-sized custom farm consist of one or two front-end web servers, a single application server and one database server or two clustered database servers which provides appropriate performance and efficiency to the application.

Large farm deployment

A medium farm can be increased in size to meet the needs of a much larger company by adding additional servers on the web and application tiers. The database tier can also be clustered with additional database servers to include multiple clusters.

A farm can also be integrated with Microsoft SharePoint Server and use other services such as Search, Index, or Excel Calculation Services.

Large farm deployment is beneficial to organization having over 5000 users. Additional benefits delivered through large farm deployment include – disaster management, portal collaboration and many more.

Integration with LOB and other system

Diametriks Consulting helps to integrate your Line-of-business (LOB) applications with PPM solution. LOB application depends on interactions between components and services that are related to infrastructure services and business process.

LOB applications are at the core of all business operations. They facilitate strategic planning and internal business processes, in addition to collaboration and communication with Project Stakeholders, Executives, Project Managers and other project members.

Among the most critical are the following solutions that establish a core infrastructure for other LOB applications:

  1. Alerts and Notifications
  2. Role-Based Permission (RBP) System
  3. Web-Front End Integration
  4. Business workflow
  5. BI integration
  6. Integration with other Business Application


Diametriks provides business specific solutions to the organization by customization of Microsoft Project Server. Microsoft Project Server has been designed to allow for extensibility and customization. PPM solutions can provide customized Microsoft Project solutions to create:

  1. Custom project web access
  2. Custom project reports
  3. Custom SharePoint dashboards
  4. Custom SharePoint webparts and templates
  5. Process specific workflow
  6. Integration with LOB (Financials, ERP, CRM) systems

Post Implementation support

We provide support services for the deployment and operations of PPM solutions. We also perform training, troubleshooting, configuration, best practices and maintenance directly pertaining to the functionality and operation of the PPM solution.

Diametriks helps to minimize staff time required, solve problems quickly and get the most out of your PPM solution. We have rich experience in implementing and supporting these solutions for our customers in various domains.

Diametriks offers following support frameworks to help you relieve from complexities of deployed PPM solution.

Onsite support: A PPM consultant would be based onsite, who will coordinate & resolves the day to day issues of the end users.

Offsite support: Telephonic & E-Mail Support.

Hybrid support: Onsite monthly visit and Telephonic & E-Mail support.



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