Diametriks Service Delivery Solution (D-SDS)

Diametriks Service Delivery Solution (D-SDS)

Enables an organization leverage Resource Management features of Microsoft PPM to Operations Management processes like Change Management Request (CMR) Process, Data Change Request (DCR) process etc.

Organizations generally rely on MS PPM for Project and Resource Management requirements and on a different application for Operations Management processes. This creates challenges in terms of resource utilization, as PPM system is generally not used to track utilization of operations team. In matrix organizations, this can create a bottleneck.

D-SDS consists of a custom developed
SharePoint based application

Which can be used by clients to manage their operational process like Change Management Requests (CMR) etc. This application in turn is integrated with MS PPM and based upon resource activities in Operation Management System, updates their utilization in PPM as well.

D-SDS is used by various IT Service Providers to receive and execute various service requests, raised by end users for enhancing/modifying an IT application. This enables an organization to standardize the approach to accept service requests from end users, track the status of requests, monitor SLAs and summarize requests executed by various departments or users.



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