Diametriks Project Cost Tracker (D-PCT)

Diametriks Project Cost Tracker (D-PCT) enables an organization to plan, manage and track project financials.

It allows users to plan and track project cost in an effective and user-friendly way. D-PCT can be configured to be integrated with accounting systems, or can be used in isolated environment where users manually key in the data.

Organizations rely on MS PPM/EPM for Project and Resource Management requirements and simultaneously have a separate dedicated accounting system for Finance Management. This creates challenges in terms of Project and Accounts information being available on a single platform. Hence tracking expenses with respect to project progress becomes a challenge.

D-PCT consists of a custom developed .Net based interface, which enables viewing and tracking the budgeted, planned, actual and forecasted costs for a project.

This interface can be integrated with any accounting system to fetch the data, or otherwise users can also directly enter costs against a project, depending upon organization’s requirement.

D-PCT is used by various organizations to manage project costs within the EPM framework. This enables a user to easily monitor the project costs and simultaneously facilitates to work on and review other project information.

D-PCT primarily focuses on

D-PCT primarily focuses on following areas to ensure seamless information management and review experience of the end user:

Time Phased Costs

Captures month wise budget, planned, actual and forecast costs against project

S – Curve

Compares cumulative costs across a time period for trend and variance analysis

Monthly Costs

Represents the monthly costs in graphical format



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